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 About Us!
Detoxify Skin Care and Liquid Laser 

 4  treatments in 1 bottle

All of our products are 100% percent pure natural & Organic. Our products has 3+ multi functions, treatments in one bottle. ( this is great! less bottles, less cost) 1)Detox & de-allergize your sinuses 2) treatment has peptide, vitamins, oxygen herbs serum tighten 3)Delicately cleanse  your skin without soap, all oxygen , 4)Protect your skin from the sun & with a Glow.

 Prohibit no preservatives,chemicals,animals, all purest.This is why we have dark bottles and it's recommend for longer life shelf store it your refrigerator. This is how you can tell it's 100% pure natural. For longer life shelf , apply no sun light and store in fridge for longer life .

Fancy Name Brands -was on the news with bad results ,reviews!
We will educate our consumers and not take ADVANTAGE OF YOU . Like all of the fancy name brands has more harm then good, it's a scientific fact .
For fancy name brands, it's just about making fast money and not caring for your skin!!! get rid of them, their heartless people!!!

They don't know the proper science like we do! To make you happy and healthy!

We Will Teach you nothing but the best of the best ! Time Release Active Stimulation Liquid Laser and Detox's

 Were able to formulate our products freshly extraction to be dispense for distribution. We will provide higher % for peptides,anti oxidant,vitamins,minerals,plants and sea for 24/7 Time Release, Active Synergy for Stimulation for collagen. This synergy formulation has microscopically able to seep deeply to travel nearly to the dermis layer of your skin for an optimum result.

 No other name brands has  nearly  has the right amount of the finest & purest peptide & natural vitamins to reach through epi & dermis of your skin. there're fake! We will educate you and provide detail information which no company will take the time to teach you with the proper information and the side effects, what other brands can do to harm your skin.

We Make House Calls! It's Our trade mark! or come to our events and/or have a private party



Benefits-100% Pure Natural 
1)Detox -allergies
Will detox's your build up underneath your skin sensory. If you have allergies this will start eliminating build up of debri
2)Drain out and stimulate from your lymphatic
to prevent harm from reaching to other area of your face and body
3)Rebuild & repair produce time release ,natural vitamins,peptide,for repairs and restore tightness,firmness from inside out
4)Protect the cells from deteriorating
produce oxygen 24/7time release & has a natural sunblock
5)You will have fresh ,clean stimulation skin
6) A natural glow for tightness



1) Time release from inside out for firmness is the name of the game
2) natural sunblock
with active synergy from internal & external ( it's a secrets 
3) to remove and prevent allergies from occurring

4) Great for home regimen ,spa treatments and laser will see faster results.
5) It's your Liquid Laser to create new skin.



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