1)After scrub/mask wait rise 30-60 second then-until you see a little redness.

2)Apply spray vitamins mist on face and neck

3) Then seal it with  Liquid Laser-serum protein vitamins for tighten of your skin and neck with a touch of glow .

If you have extra dry skin or your a SMOKER,Sun worshiper,  Dehydration , coffee,medicine lover & around harmful environment or just protect  yourself from Aging.   

4) 3 in 1 sunblock seal flaws - This is nice, You are able to have powder and cream with minerals all in 1, to protect  from the sun, Heal the skin and give you a healthy glow, and it will tighten your pores .

Don't for get to USE the Gel Acupuncture Medical Pad for Massage and enjoyment for relaxation from the acupressure point.


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