Liquid Laser

$ 45.00 USD

5x Oxygen nutrients & petides, seeps,revives collagen,24/7 synergy time release,reduce wrinkle,tighten your face & pores.


4/1 Detox Cleanser-Detox sinus

$ 25.99 USD

4/1 Detox Cleasnse

Vitmins,Cleanser,Moisturize,detox your sinsus,& 24/7 stimulation, oxygen seep in to epidermis and protects with a touch of glow .


3/1 Healing Mositurizer Butter

$ 35.00 USD

Healing Moisturizer Butter

5x Healing Properties,5x Firming Moisturizer, remove stains & spots,Prevent wrinkles & sun damage. Great for winter burn & sunburn.


3/1 Exfoliate Detox Mask

$ 30.00 USD

3/1 Exfoliate Mask

5x Vitamins sea crystal for exfoliation,deeply allow seeping Oxygen, stimulation,pentatration,Detoxs & drain out toxins,build up of sinus.


Body Moistuizer

$ 25.00 USD


Hair Moisturizer

$ 25.00 USD


Acne Cure

$ 25.00 USD

Acne Cure

Detox's, On skin- Cleanse,Repairs & Heals, All Nutrients for the skin to detoxify the skin with drinking water


Liquid Laser Gold Peptide

$ 55.00 USD

All Organic 4 to 5 multi function in one bottle, you save money this way. It's all organic plant base protein and mineral , 4 oz to 6 oz very concentrated

1)Rapidly removes fine lines in days and it keep on working- in a week it's gold . It's seep into your dermis  24/7 synergies ,work out your collagen for tighten. Not oily. The prices will increase that's how good this is. Days!

2) Repairs your Vessal to produce more 7x oxygen

3)Detoxify your sinuses 

4) Natural sunblock

5) Tighten pores and a drewy healthy glow ,not oily

for a 4 oz  very concentrated


3/1 sunblock Flawless

$ 26.99 USD

Powder, cream minerals, to protect, healing properties & cover scars with a glow 4oz


Detox's cellulite

$ 40.00 USD

10x Healing properties, detox's & drain free radicals, increases blood flow, revive capillary & firming 8oz


Detox's Body -Moisturizer natural 5x healing properties

$ 26.99 USD

Active Synergy to increase blood, drain free radical, cleanser & moist 6oz



Gel Acupuncture Medical Pad

$ 6.00 USD

Gel  Acupuncture Medical Pad

Instead of using cottons or a wash cloth for crystal green scrub, The gel pad is for better grip & hold for exfoliation & massage. For better circulation easily to clean the ,chest and face.You can feeling the pressure point and enjoy it.


Lip Glow & Healing- Color Glossy Red

$ 15.99 USD

Lip Glow Healing- Color Glossy Red

Instead of using plain lip gloss with no nutrients. Use 100% Pure Natural Colors with healing nutrients.To protect from environmental, sun & Decrease wrinkles with a touch of gloss.

Colors are Gloss Red - Gloss bronze- Gloss Pink


Lip Gloss & Healing- Color Glossy Bronze

$ 15.99 USD

Color Glossy Bronze


Lip Gloss & Healing -Color Glossy Pink

$ 15.99 USD

 Color Glossy Pink

No refunds because once it's open it will be contaminated & has no preservative to resell.


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